Akron/Family & Angels of Light | Review

Mojo Magazine (UK) | Sophie Harris

Zep-style wig outs and shamanic incantations

December 05 4 stars Michael Gira united with his "favorite band in the universe". Not for nothing has Michael Gira employed Akron/Family as his Angels of Light and split a record with them - half Akron, half Angels. The first side demonstrates that Akron/Family don't just make music together, the really PLAY together, messing with sound in the same way that kids dribble spit to see how far it'll go. Strictly speaking, theirs is a kind of modern folk music, in that real, acoustic instruments mingle with four part harmonies. But the Akrons' musical connection and skill allows for wild, instinctual experimentalism (Zep-style wig outs and shamanic incantations). Gira joins the troupe for the record's second half - at once commanding, terrifying, and weirdly paternal. Heady, bodily, beautiful stuff.