Larkin Grimm - Parplar

nomad -

Highly recommended

Inspired by 'the imaginational galaxy where orgasms come from, formed out of dreams of leggy, surgically enhanced blondes,' the new album from fiercely talented radical environmentalist Larkin Grimm is, even by her own standards, a pretty stellar collection of atmospheric, magical songs that consolidates the promising noise experiments of her previous albums. No fears of jumping the shark here, Parplar is the best thing Larkin's done to date. It's also 'a bit of a lesbian feminist album' that explores various themes of violence, sex and spirituality and takes some of its inspiration from the likes of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse. 'Becoming one with the human race is difficult,' writes Larkin on her blog, 'but fortunately I've been inspired by the struggles of a lot of other women from my generation.'

Parplar is the 26 year old itinerant's first release on Michael Gira's hallowed Young God Records ­ home of Wears The Trousers heroine Lisa Germano ­ and was trimmed down from a potential 50 songs written during 'a near-manic tidal wave of creative energy'. ŒDominican Rum' is a disturbing portrait of a beautiful, wrathful woman literally coming apart in 'the ugly world of men'. Over a frenzied piano, tambourine and banjo rhythm Larkin delivers a bizarre tirade of potent, incredible poetry ­ sample lyric: 'The microcosmic spiralled eggs inside my uterus are sparkling and bursting with the greenest yellow pus / the milk that feeds my baby from my breast is flowing black / it looks like oil and smells like death and I can't hold it back.' Highly recommended